Why Digital Marketing Is Crucial For Your Business’s Growth

One of the smartest, as well as the fastest ways of broadcasting your business online,  is to invest in the concept of “Digital Marketing.” Generally speaking, marketing is all about connecting with the target audience at the right place and time. Nowadays, each and every person has access to the Internet, and that’s where Digital Marketing comes in – it helps in connecting businesses with their online audience. More than that, almost businesses of all kind and variety are heading towards having a presence in the digital arena. It is Digital Marketing, which provides the tools and equipments to company owners to cope with online competition and growth. First of all, let’s start with the basics.

What is Digital Marketing?


In the simplest of terms, it is the marketing which takes place on an online platform. It includes all efforts which are done on the basis of the internet and various other electronic devices.

Speaking in terms of business, Digital Marketing plays a key role in helping small and medium scale businesses to have the resources online which were previously only available to large scale organizations offline. Therefore, not only does it level the playing field, but also gives such businesses a fighting chance to survive and grow.

Why Should Digital Marketing Be A Sales Channel For Business?

For any business to succeed, they must recognize the need to employ and use numerous categories of Digital Marketing channels to ensure a more widespread reach. These can include social media marketing, email marketing, websites, etc. It has been proven from time-to-time that Digital Marketing is a miracle cure for small businesses out there. It’s considered to be the best sales channel for any business in today’s era. Various sales channel in the offline world can help your business grow a little. However, with the help of Digital Marketing, any business can extend its reach all over the world.  

There’s a large category of various channels of Digital Marketing which help in connecting companies to their customers. By investing in more digital channels, businesses raise their chance of meeting their Digital Marketing goals. Following are some of the popular ones :

Social Media Marketing

Social Media marketing is one of the most popular Digital Marketing channels. It almost instantly connects businesses with their customers. It enables the organizations to explain their side of the story and inform them about their company brand. It allows them to create awareness, promote the brand, and engage prospective customers. It further contributes to generating leads for business strategies and drives the traffic. Some of the popular sites are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, etc.

Email and Websites

This marketing strategy includes all the traffic, which is incoming from emails and websites. Both channels allow businesses to engage their customers in a personal and friendly way. Emails help in giving out information about multiple kinds – promotional email campaigns, emails related to transactions, etc. Further, these are great tools for increasing digital sales and generating more digital revenue.

Content Marketing

This strategy deals with creating and promoting content which is directly related to the company business – whether it is generating brand awareness, traffic growth, or providing the basis of increasing their consumer base and client following. Some of the content marketing tools are,

  • Blog Posts – The company can write and publish articles on its website, which can provide useful information.
  • Ebooks and whitepapers – Also go a long way in educating the visitors to the company website
  • Infographics – It basically deals with visual content and also is a helpful tool to aid any learning.


Marketing Automation

This tool refers to the software that aims to aid a business’s basic online marketing operations. This includes the following :

  • Newsletters emails – Many companies have automation, which allows them to send in emails directly to the subscribers without any manual interference. It helps in dealing with all the related aspects also, like expanding or contracting the contact base, so that the emails reach only those people who want it.
  • Lead workflows – This software allows in formulating leads, which can be automatically sent to the customers simply by creating definite criteria based on the content and activity.
  • Campaign tracking and reporting – Marketing campaigns include a wide variety of emails, contents, websites, phone calls with people, and many more. The marketing automation software helps in keeping a real-time track of such activities and measures their progress.
  • Social media posting – As stated previously, Social Media is very important for the growth of any business. Therefore, it is very important that frequent and often posts are made on social media. Social media post scheduling tool directly posts content on your social media sites and apps, eliminating manual posting altogether.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization is also another tool of optimizing your company website in such a manner that it ranks higher in search results given by various search engines. It helps in increasing the free and organic traffic to your website. Search engine optimizations help and benefit blog posts, websites, and infographics. There are numerous ways in which search engine optimization can help you :

  • On page Search Engine Optimization – This type of search engine optimization places its focus on the content which exists on the page of the website. The search volume for a site increases when certain keywords are used, which enable a page in ranking higher than the others in search results.
  • Off-page Search Engine Optimization – This search engine optimization focuses on the activities which take place off the page of the site. This is primarily done through the links on a page, also known as inbound links or backlinks. The number of publishers which are linked to your posts can play a key role in affecting how high you are placed in search results. The most popular and common way of generating backlinks is via networking with other publishers, guest writers, etc. Needless to say, it is a great way of generating attention.
  • Technical Search Engine Optimization – This search engine optimization focuses on the coding of your various web pages. It deals with all the components which make up your websites, like image compression, the structure of the data presented, file optimization, and other forms of technical search engine optimization. A very prime example can be of the search engine Google, which focuses on how fast is the loading speed of the website.

As per many recent surveys, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the least popular Digital Marketing strategy to be adopted by marketers and web content developers. The primary reason that many companies and businesses don’t invest in Search Engine Optimization tools is that they are mostly complicated and difficult to understand. Therefore, they prefer to focus their energies on other tools of digital media marketing, which will help them tell their stories better and also provide better ways of creating brand awareness.




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